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Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting

Out From Under - The Impact of Homosexual Parenting
For those who believe that same-sex “marriage” is just as good as traditional marriage for the raising up of healthy, well-rounded, emotionally stable children, Out From Under:The Impact of Homosexual Parenting will prove to be an enlightening read. Author Dawn Stefanowicz was raised by a homosexual father who, despite attempting to maintain the appearance of monogamy, “continued cruising for anonymous sex” and “lived with depression, control issues, anger outbursts, suicidal tendencies, and sexual compulsions.”
As a result of first-hand experience living under a permutation, Dawn is a strong advocate for marriage between one man and one woman.

“Not only do children do best with both a mother and a father in a lifelong marriage bond, children need responsible monogamous parents who have no extramarital sexual partners. Parental promiscuity, abuse and divorce are not good for children. If same-sex marriage is legalized, a person, couple or group who practice any form of sexual behavior would eventually be able to obtain children through previous heterosexual relationships, new reproductive technologies, and adoption due to the undefined term sexual orientation. This would force all public and private adoption agencies to hand over children into experimental relationships or risk charges of discrimination.”
Exposure to a plethora of pernicious elements that often plague the homosexual lifestyle left Dawn feeling “outraged at the incidences of same-sex domestic abuse, sexual advances toward minors, and loss of sexual partners as if people were only commodities.”
“From a young age, I was exposed to explicit sexual speech, self-indulgent lifestyles, varied GLBT subcultures and gay vacation spots. Sex looked gratuitous to me as a child. I was exposed to all inclusive manifestations of sexuality including bathhouse sex, cross-dressing, sodomy, pornography, gay nudity, lesbianism, bisexuality, minor recruitment, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Sado-masochism was alluded to and aspects demonstrated. Alcohol and drugs were often contributing factors to lower inhibitions in my father's relationships.”
Dawn now champions traditional marriage in a big way. She recognizes and abhors the soul and spirit-rending of the innocent children who are subject to “a” relationship defined from a desire for special recognition of sexual orientation.
“I believe same-sex marriage will dispose of unique values esteemed within marriage as recognized throughout history. Marriage needs to remain a societal foundation that constitutes, represents, and defends the inherently procreative relationship between the husband and the wife for the welfare of their biological children. Children need consistent appropriate boundaries and secure expressions of emotional intimacy that are not sexualized in the home and community.” [emphasis added]
Read more here at Dawn’s website.
[Hat tip: Secular Heretic]



thepomegranateapple said...

i went to the website. she is fascinating.

thejournalistachronicle said...

Wow, I'm speechless and even more scared for the children enslaved to homosexual couples. After reading your post and the book excerpts, it is obvious that the gay lifestyle revolves completely around sex. They want society to condone all of the gross behaviors you listed and then subject children to it as well. I can't even imagine what this woman went through growing up, but how great of her to document her experiences to help awaken society to the perils of gay marriage. I don't understand how gay rights activists can ignore information like this. I hope she encourages more children of homosexual couples to speak out with their own experiences. Thanks for the post Pearl! I love the new blog look too!!!!

Secular Heretic said...

This is just one first had experience of what it was like for her and possible for others too.

I like your new blog look too perhaps I should do something with my side bars.

beetlebabee said...

WOW I love your new page! This story is what we knew was out there, but didn't know. It's chilling to actually read what we're up against.

Kids can't choose. Society has to stand up and protect it's children from self seeking, destructive adult behaviors.

Euripides said...

Thanks for letting us know about Dawn's story. This is one story that deserves to be heard.

Pearl said...

Thanks for the compliments on the new blog facelift, friends. I'm quite happy with it myself. (SH, you should definitely go for it!)

Journalista -

I can't imagine what Dawn went through either. Nor do I particularly want to. But I will read the book because I think, as Euripides said, it is a story that needs to be heard. We need to be aware that the public homosexual face that gay rights activists paint does not convey the truth about what goes on behind closed doors ... where children are the real minority victims.

Jeremy said...

That's hilariously daft.

Wow, she found some bad gay parents. Imagine how difficult it must be to find some bad heterosexual parents. Here's a straight couple where the mum's a drunk and the dad beats the kids! Quick, let's refuse to recognise straight marriages too!

It's a pretty pathetic attack on equal rights for gays, which is what the gay marriage debate is about.

Pearl said...

Well, Jeremy, you certainly arrived with a bang. What I find to be "hilariously daft" (that was not very kind, Jeremy) is your misrepresentation of the literature. Have you read anything about it? Dawn didn't "find" bad gay parents; she was raised by a terrible gay father whom she, in her childish innocence, loved nonetheless. And, she has never asserted that her experience denies the existence of bad heterosexual parents; just that gay "marriage" ought not to be glorified or promoted as a solution.

Let's pretend you have an antique grandfather clock heirloom that is thousands of years old with solid, simple, beautiful craftsmanship. This clock, despite its age, has always worked properly and has been your best, most practical and dependable clock. However, as you made your latest move progressing into a bigger and better house, a piece of your heirloom clock broke. Now, let's be honest with ourselves. If a piece of an antique breaks, do you try to fix it with some modern junk? No, that would devalue the antique. Instead, you would work to repair the broken antique piece in order to preserve the purity of the beautiful, dependable, heirloom.

And so it is with marriage. Redefinition is no solution. Rather, it cheapens marriage. The problems today's marriages have regarding divorce rates, infidelity, abuse, etc., do not reflect on the institution of marriage, but mirror a permissive and immoral society. Let's work to clean up marriage rather than add to the disintegration by introducing more sludge and confusion to the mix.

"It's a pretty pathetic attack on equal rights for gays, which is what the gay marriage debate is about."

That may be what the gay "marriage" debate is all about for you, Jeremy, but for me it is about preserving a better society for my children. And to understand exactly how I feel about these so-called gay "rights" you tout, please visit this Self-Evident Truths post, taking specific note of point number three.

Secular Heretic said...

It is easy to find a dysfunctional marriage because there are so many of them around. Same sex couples are few and far between compared with married couples. From what I have read people living in these same sex relationships are more likely to have psychological problems than those who don't have a same sex attraction.

Vid said...

The question is not are there children of heterosexual parents whose experiences were as bad as Dawn's, it is how typical was Dawn's experience for children of same-sex parents. There are plenty of statistics that show much higher levels of promiscuity, shorter durations and various others negative qualities for same-sex relationships compared to traditional marriages.

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