Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Pearl is taking one; a much deserved, much anticipated, much appreciated sabbatical. In short, I'm taking a summer vacation to reconnect with my family, my neglected hobbies, my favorite books, and my Heavenly Father.

Never fear, I'll still be hanging around various social networking sites and keeping up on the latest threats to family and freedom, but my posts will be few and far between and will most likely be quick blurbs with links or videos for your viewing pleasure.

Don't forget me! :0)


P.S. You may have noticed a random picture of a random bike in my sidebar. It's an experiment in luck. I never win anything, but thought I'd participate in this particular giveaway for two reasons: 1) participation is easy with the simple addition of html to my blog, and 2) I am REALLY curious to see how well that would perform with two mischievous and wiggly toddlers in back. I'm dubious (imagining many painful wipe-outs). :0)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Father’s Day Plea

"Overall, fathers play a restraining role in the lives of their children. They restrain sons from acting out antisocially, and daughters from acting out sexually. When there's no father to perform this function, dire consequences often result both for the fatherless children and for the society in which these children act out their losses."

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~ Pearl

P.S. Never forget: "Marriage between one man and one woman is the ultimate expression of equality as no gender is marginalized.”

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