Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear California Supreme Court Activist Justices

I, Pearl, a California citizen, write this letter to you four Supreme Court activist judges today with sincere concern for your health and well-being in the near future. You see, today as I stood washing a sink full of dishes, staring out my kitchen window at the dismal view of a weathered fence, I pondered the predicament you most surely find yourselves in concerning the recent legal challenges issued against Proposition 8.

Dear California Supreme Court Activist Judges

Regardless of my personal views on this subject, I truly pitied you today. And, despite my solid belief that you managed to firmly wedge yourself into this unforgiving position, I felt compassion nonetheless. Your May 2008 edict that overruled the will of the people and legalized same-sex marriage has been rightfully abolished by those same people you crossed. In its victory, as earned by the humble majority of California citizens, Proposition 8 has reestablished the sanctity of marriage. And herein lies your rock…and your hard place. Could you possibly have foreseen, “honorable” judges, that the conclusion reached under your peace-touting titles would eventually brew such hatred and violence from those you sought to champion? Did you know gay “rights” activists to be such poor, vindictive losers, to put it simply? I would venture to guess that you didn’t; for how would anyone in their right mind vote in favor of making concessions for a lifestyle so devoid of reason? But then, your job is not to vote your mind, true? But to vote as per your “esteemed understanding” of our nation’s inspired Constitution.

So what is this rock and hard place you find yourselves backed into? Well, as I see it, the rock represents the humble people of California who, I can imagine, would not take kindly to being crossed twice by activists judges intent on furthering their own agenda. The repeal of Proposition 8 would be a stinging blow indeed. The hard place, on the other hand, represents the fickle gay “rights” activists who have shown their true colors following the success of Proposition 8, ranting and raving their disapproval across California and the nation, throwing their demands at you to strike down this democratically-elected amendment. In addition to royal tantrums, the homosexual community has proven how readily it turns against its own champions during a disagreement. Their “Knight in Shining Armor,” president-elect Obama, has been spanked on the bottom for daring to personalize his inauguration in a manner which doesn’t set right with their “tolerant” little egos. Does this knowledge put you on edge at all? It does me.

In the popular Broadway production of Les Miserables, Jean Valjean sings a heart-rending song called “Who Am I.” The moving entreaty represents Valjean’s own struggle between his rock and his hard place:

“If I speak, I am condemned.
If I stay silent, I am damned!”
Which will you choose, “honorable” judges? The fate of marriage in California lies restlessly in your questionable hands. If you, as Justices of the Peace, are truly the honorable men and women that your titles would suggest, I cannot imagine this will be that difficult of a decision for you – uphold the will of the people as expressed in a democratic manner…twice. However, I am not blind to the strong-arm tactics employed by the foes of liberty. I can easily envision the stacks of threatening letters you have received, admonishing you to stay the gay “rights” course, or else…. I am sure scores of emotional sob stories have been thrown your way. You are most assuredly under assault by a very loud, very petulant minority, quite determined to violently trample any opposition to its twisted ideals. As you ponder this case and your possible rulings, spare a thought for those who’ve already succumbed to the rage and bloodlust of the homosexual campaign, hell-bent in its fury to force societal acceptance: Eckern, Raddon, Christoffersen. Will you sign your names next to the Pepsi Co.’s, Google’s, and Swanson’s who have embraced and pandered to the screaming mob or will you be written into the history books as modern-day Washington’s, Adam’s, and Franklin’s, standing for freedom in the face of tyranny and certain attack by a ferocious foe?

I do not envy you your position, Judges. I pray that truth and honor will prevail against blackmail and extortion, violence and intimidation. In short, though I feel you are to blame for your current sticky position, I pray for you, specifically, to see through the threats, remember the children, and make the best decision for societal success and stability. Defend marriage. Uphold the will of the people of California. Please.

Yours in Justice and Peace,

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Daniel said...

"...Obama has been spanked on the bottom for daring to personalize his inauguration..."

What exactly is this in reference to? How is Obama "personalizing" his inauguration?

californiacrusader said...

Ah, Pearl at her best, waxing eloquent, quoting Victor Hugo. . .Great post! I really enjoy how you put your whole heart (and a good sprinkling of humor) into everything you write.

Secular Heretic said...

The people have had the vote, the issue is settled. I suspect these judges may fear losing their jobs if they don't come up with the politically correct answer.

Pearl said...


"What exactly is this in reference to? How is Obama "personalizing" his inauguration?"

I am referring to the gay community uproar over Obama's personal selection of Rick Warren for his inaugural invocation.

Pearl said...


Why thank you very much. You made me blush.

@Secular Heretic

"I suspect these judges may fear losing their jobs if they don't come up with the politically correct answer."

True. Actually, I suspect they must be anxious about losing their jobs whether they uphold Proposition 8 or repeal the new amendment. Either way, someone is going to be upset - it's just very clear who has a longer lower lip and throws the worst tantrum. Thus, the rock and the hard place.

Euripides said...

Nicely said Pearl. You've become a bone fide curmudgeon in your writing style. I highly approve.

Pearl said...


*Cur-mudg-eon: a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.

Is this your idea of a compliment, Euripides? I'll assume yes, since you claim you approve. So, um...thanks. I guess. :0)

Daniel said...

Thanks for the clarification, Pearl.

Pearl said...


You are most welcome, Sir.

thejournalistachronicle said...

Brilliant Pearl!! I love your writing!

emissary said...

That's a great letter, Pearl. I've thought along the same lines myself (in terms of there being no way for their decision to please everyone). I hope that you sent this letter to them.

Pearl said...

Thanks Journalista and Emissary. I appreciate your appreciation.


There really does seem to be no solution for a "one-size-fits-all" happy ending. I just sincerely hope the judges decide to take a personal risk for the protection of an entire state. I have not sent the letter to them. I most certainly am planning on it, though.

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