Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let’s Show NBC What Life Means to Millions of Average Joes!

Super Bowl 2009
  Okay, so it’s probably not original, but it’s still a great plan. ;0)

Whether we are Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Constitutional Party, we can all appreciate a video that moves us and reminds us to recognize the amazing potential of life.  NBC, however, does not feel the same and has chosen to drop a powerful Pro-Life ad, falsely claiming that they do not "allow political issue or advocacy advertisements."  PETA also submitted an advocacy ad (filled with lingerie-clad women doing sensual things with vegetables and a text overlay claiming that vegetarians have better sex) and it was not rejected on those same grounds but rather because it "exceeded the level of sexuality" allowed on NBC.  They were given a list of things to do to make it more acceptable for resubmission.  No mention of advocacy.

Here's what I propose.  When you get up for the half-time break during your amazing Super Bowl party (TOMORROW!), gather your friends round the computer and watch Life: Imagine the Potential .  Let's show NBC just how much life matters to us.  Pass this post along in email, on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, etc. and let's get a Super Bowl movement for life going as viewers abandon the half-time show to take up a worthy cause on the Net.

This is one half-time show I think God will be watching.  Will you be in front of the TV absorbing humorous beer commercials or actively fighting for an infant's right to life in front of your computer?

You know where I'll be!  :)





Euripides said...

I won't be watching the Superbowl - absolutely no interest - but I'll watch the commercial again at the appropriate time. Thanks!

Pearl said...

Ha! That's funny, Euripides, because I also don't watch the Super Bowl. Frankly, I can't stand to sit there on a couch for that long, doing nothing with my brain but watching. It makes me antsy. I want to be productive.

Anyway, thanks for being willing to show your support "at the appropriate time!"

Dr B said...

Starting with the Olympics I promised that I would never watch NBC again. That's what it takes. These big-shots think they can strongarm and get away with anything.

Why not? They got Obama elected.

We are doing a lot by offering alternative media, media that even challenges them and calls them out on this stuff.

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