Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sto Pro Verum – Clothing and Merchandise


Besides being a great blog, Sto Pro Verum is also the name of a new one-stop shop for marriage defense clothing and merchandise.  Want to sport a t-shirt proclaiming your marriage support for all the world?  Easy, just visit Sto Pro Verum.  Want to put a “California Voted” button on your tote, purse, or diaper bag?  Easy, just visit Sto Pro Verum.  Or maybe you’d like your darling babe to rock a “Got Democracy” onesie.  Simple, just visit Sto Pro Verum.  In our failing economy, we are all picky about where we spend our hard-earned, precious dollars.  Well, I’ll tell you what, this shop is definitely one of those places worthy of your money!  So spend away.  And, even better, all proceeds go to

I’ve got my sights set on this one with its “sticking it to the man” flare.  :0)

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beetlebabee said...

I L O V E that picture!

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