Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marriage . . . it’s that simple.





Secular Heretic said...

You did a great job with it Pearl, well done.

Delirious said...

I kind of had to laugh at the one part in the video where the guy is wearing the nun outfit with his face painted white. He is holding a sign that says, "We are the same as you". Ummm...sorry, but I think the nun outfit proved that point wrong. lol

Delirious said...

I wanted to embed this video on my own blog, but couldn't find it on youtube....

Euripides said...

Great video Pearl. Thanks for your work on it and for posting it.

Delerious: There's an embed link in the bottom, right-hand corner of this link on Pearl's page.

Laura said...

The problem's really not that simple. What about the prayer of the children who pray they won't have same-sex attraction and yet cannot seem to overcome it? As I try and sort out my own feelings on the matter, I often ask myself the question: "What if my child were gay?" And what if she tried her best not to be, but couldn't change? It's not a difficult question to answer. I would love her regardless, try to help her in any way possible, but ultimately I would support her in her decision...whatever that may be. I would also want her to enjoy all the rights and priviliges that I enjoy.

Pearl said...

Laura, it is the institution of marriage that really is that simple. Likewise, it is our fallible, human emotions that tend to make things more difficult and more complicated than they need be.

If, heaven forbid, one of my son's chose to be gay one day, or even claimed he felt so all his life and was just finally succumbing to his attractions and inclinations, I too would love him still. But I ask you this, why are acceptance and love mutually exclusive in your eyes? We love our children throughout their lives without accepting many of their behaviors. In fact, it is because we love them that we ache for them when they go astray. We are constantly working to iron out the kinks. We want our children to excel, to thrive, to reach their highest potential. For me, the same is true of their sexual behaviors. I will always accept my child - the child my Heavenly Father knows he can become. But I will never accept his lifestyle should he choose to pursue any sort of deviation of the one man, one woman gold standard relationship.

I too, would want my child to enjoy all the same rights and privileges that I enjoy. But I would not want him demanding their creation if it is clear they 1) do not exist, and 2) will do more harm than good. Nor would I help him to fight for those.

My child is not exempt from the absolutes of right and wrong simply because he is my child and I love him.

thepomegranateapple said...

Also, marriage has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

there is no race requirement. there is no sexual orientation requirement. there is a gender requirement.

sometimes we get distracted by wanting to make people happy, or make a sexual orientation "okay," but what we really should be looking at is this question:
why the gender requirement in marriage?

kids need a mom and a dad. marriage is a special, and yes, exclusive, institution that encourages this situation.

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