Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dr. Phil - Friday 11/21/08

So there's been all this talk about Dr. Phil's show tomorrow, 11/21, on CBS. I finally went and watched the preview here, and all I can say is...ugh. I don't know if I can actually bring myself to watch that show tomorrow. I got the most awful feeling just watching the preview; the few seconds of heated debate with members of the audience popping up and yelling at each other. This is what that short segment reminded me of, a quote from Elder James E. Faust, late member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

["Who has not heard and felt the enticing of the devil? His voice often sounds so reasonable and his message so easy to justify. It is an appealing, intriguing voice with dulcet tones. It is neither hard nor discordant. No one would listen to Satan’s voice if it sounded harsh or mean. If the devil’s voice were unpleasant, it would not persuade people to listen to it....Some of Satan’s most appealing lines are 'Everyone does it'; 'If it doesn’t hurt anybody else, it’s all right'; 'If you feel all right about it, it’s OK'; or 'It’s the ‘in’ thing to do.' These subtle entreaties make Satan the great imitator, the master deceiver, the arch counterfeiter, and the great forger."]
I can guarantee you'll hear some of those very same phrases tomorrow if you can stomach the show. Here's what Pastor Jim Garlow said of the experience as a guest for the Yes on 8 side:
["With these guests, plus a fired-up studio audience that hassled, yelled, catcalled and tried to drown us out at times, it made for an (how do I say this?) interesting experience. It was so intense that Dr. Phil- after the hour taping ended- decided to keep us there for another taping, for another show to be aired (we are told) in December"]


beetlebabee said...

I can't imagine being in that audience. I heard that the no on 8 audience slots filled immediately, but the yes on 8 slots were harder to fill. Given the rampant media bias, it's no wonder sane people don't want anything to do with participating in it.

taradise said...

Hey can I be invited to your personal blog, if you're still doing one? No hard feelings if it's family only, etc. But I enjoy your photo talents and sweet stories about your cute boys.

Heather said...

I think this will show why the head of the family coalition (my apologies, I don't know the proper title for the people in charge of prop 8) did not want to debate this issue prior to election day.

To have a debate, both sides need to present facts, not emotions. The opposition to prop 8 does not have facts to back up their positions. Rather, they attack those who support marriage between a man and a woman.

You see this on all of the blogs and youtube videos as well. I just had a conversation on my blog where accusations were made, I presented facts, and it ended with the other person voicing emotions not backed up with any facts.

You know the media is going to rip apart any pro-8 supporter that acts out.

The most important thing for all of us to remember is to stay calm and let the facts speak for themselves.

Heather said...

Liz - I finally figured out the subscription thing on my blog. It's on the sidebar.

You're blog is awesome! Keep up the good work.

:) Heather

Shimmy said...

Excellent post -- thanks. Without Proposition 8,
a man can have 27 wives.


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