Monday, November 17, 2008

Boycott Mania

First El Coyote (read about it here) and now Leatherby's. What these protesters and boycotters can't seem to keep straight is that those who supported Proposition 8 lent their voices and votes to a pro-marriage campaign. They are not anti-gay, they are for protecting the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. The backlash of proud gay rights activist activities, with rainbow flags a-flyin' and cries for tolerance and acceptance of the gay lifestyle, would suggest that they seem to have lost sight of this clear, and important, distinction.

The following article is taken from the ABC News10 website:

SACRAMENTO, CA - The after-church crowd got more than lunch and a scoop of ice cream at Sacramento's Leatherby's Family Creamery on Arden Way Sunday afternoon.

Customers also got an earful from yet another group of Proposition 8 protesters.

Protesters Amanda Booth and Erin Domingo, along with a handful of vocal supporters, said they wanted everyone who eats at Leatherby's to know that the family behind the business donated money to help pass Proposition 8.

"We're protesting Leatherby's because they contributed over $20,000 to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign," Booth said. "That money went toward defeating my equal rights."

"We just thought it would be nice to let people know where their money is going when they buy ice cream from Leatherby's," Domingo said.

Despite the turmoil outside, Leatherby's was packed Sunday, filled mostly with people who said they support the family-run business and Proposition 8.

"The people have spoken. We won," said customer Craig Abi-Nader. "The Supreme Court was wrong and they should end it there."

At one point, Dave Leatherby Jr. greeted the protesters and shook some of their hands. Leatherby said he doesn't have any animosity or hatred toward anyone.

"Our vote was not a vote of hate. It wasn't a vote against them," Leatherby said. "It was a vote to support something that we though was good. I have no animosity toward anyone."

Leatherby said since his family's donation has been made public, they've received threats and hate mail.

"Sending mail that said, 'We're going to put you out of business, you're hate mongers, you people are evil,'" Leatherby said. "That was startling."

Despite some harsh words, Sunday's protest was peaceful. Booth said she would not give up the fight for her rights any time soon.

"We just want to make people aware of what's going on in their neighborhoods and communities and that there are those people who don't support equal rights," Booth said.


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