Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“You Don’t Have to Yell” by Chris Rice

I happily stumbled upon this song, “You Don’t Have to Yell,” while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Radio mixed with a bit of Jon Schmidt on Pandora.  I love it.  This guy, Chris Rice, has a soothing, mellow voice and blends those excellent vocals with wonderful, timely messages.

A message for those who yearn to see traditional marriage safely and permanently elevated for the sake of children and society.*  We can do this quietly, respectfully, and firmly – without contention:

“Draw your lines and choose your side
  Many things are worth the fight
  But louder doesn't make you right
  You don't have to yell
  You don't have to yell”

It is my belief that such level-headed reasoning will some day prove victorious.  Thanks to Chris Rice for lending his beautiful talent to such a beautiful message of peace.


*This is purely my personal application and interpretation of the message of the song.  I do not know where Chris Rice “draws his lines.”

1 Comment:

LdsNana said...

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE your interpretation of the song. What a beautiful message. I'll be sharing this one around, too.

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