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Standing for Something – Defend Marriage Alliance, UFI, NOM, DNA

GordonHinckley Standing for Something

The late President Gordon B. Hinckley of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wrote a little book called Standing for Something.  Of this book, President Hinckley wrote, “I hope to accomplish some good in reaching out to people who may not be interested in our theology but would be interested in our position and stance on some of these values that are of everlasting benefit to this nation and people across the world.”

I have this book.

I love this book.

On the inside flap it states:

“No nation can be greater than the strength of its individual homes or the virtue of its people.  Sadly, many today would say ours is a nation in crisis.  Families are splintering around us, our children are becoming alienated from their great cultural heritage, and our leaders seem increasingly out of touch.  Yet, according to Gordon B. Hinckley, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one cannot lose hope.  The solution lies not within our governments, schools, or symbols of popular culture, but rather within ourselves, our families, and our faith.”

Drawing on anecdotes from his own life, as well as from our nation today, he examines ten virtues that have proven through the ages to provide the most profound path to a better world: love, honesty, morality, civility, learning, forgiveness and mercy, thrift and industry, gratitude, optimism, and faith.  He then shows how the two guardians of virtue – marriage and the family – can keep us on that path, even in difficult times.”

This book was published in 2000.

How timely a message for our day.  So, without further adieu, I’d like to feature four groups who are doing just that – standing for something.  These groups advocate for marriage between one man and one woman.  They defend traditional, natural marriage in the face of increasing, and often virulent, opposition to such a message.

man, woman
The first is the Defend Marriage Alliance.  Reverend Brewer and his son are currently on a tour of Iowa, meeting with religious leaders and marriage proponents across the state to collect signatures on a petition to repeal Iowa’s new gay “marriage” legislation.  They have worked tirelessly, creating Facebook groups and raising awareness for traditional marriage through the creation of marriage seals and wristbands, physical tours, and additional web outreach with Meetup groups, etc.  The Defend Marriage Alliance is reputedly millions of members large and growing.

 25 for UFI 
The second is United Families International who just recently launched their 25 for UFI campaign.  Here’s what they have to say about it.

“For more than 30 years United Families International (UFI) has fought against the anti-family opposition. UFI representatives have traversed the globe defending the unborn and protecting the traditional family. Local UFI chapters watch state legislatures and work with pro-family lawmakers to ensure that the family has a voice inside statehouses across the country. Our ECOSOC status at the UN allows UFI to collaborate with UN delegates to insert pro-family language into UN treaties and resolutions. At times when others are weak, UFI stands their ground and protects the family values that we hold dear.

25 for UFI is your chance to join United Families International in the fight for the family. 25 for UFI seeks to find 1,000 individuals who will give $25 for the protection of motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, life, liberty and family. The 25 for UFI campaign has almost zero overhead, so you may rest assured that your donation will go directly to the international battle for the family. Join us, stand with UFI, and be a part of this worthy cause.”


Your financial contribution keeps the work moving forward (and as a bonus, is 100% tax-deductible).

The third group standing for marriage is NOM.  The National Organization for Marriage has recently gone out on a limb, provoking the ire of homosexual “marriage” advocates the nation over by releasing a commercial spot defending marriage and warning against the consequences of legalizing gay “marriage.”  Unfettered by the vitriolic minority public opinion, they charge bravely forward in their fight to protect our nation’s most valuable assets – our future – our children.

Watch their newest ad focusing on the Carrie Prejean controversy, here . . . .

(UPDATE: This video has been removed due to copyright claims made by Mario Lavandeira, aka Perez Hilton *Go figure*.  You can still view the spot at NOM’s website by clicking here.)

And the last, but definitely not the least, is the rag tag yet powerful organization which has brought so many of my fellow marriage bloggers and me together.  The Digital Network Army was born during Proposition 8.  Still in its infancy, the group has gained rapid popularity by its unofficial, power-to-the-people productivity.  Virals are sent out regularly to inform members of the most recent attacks on marriage and family.  A great list of independent bloggers then disseminates the information to the vast worldwide web and yet other members work in concert with those bloggers to Facebook and Twitter marriage updates.  Still other members create YouTube videos, defend marriage apparel and bumper stickers, and graphic images for use on websites and blogs.  All this is done completely by volunteers.  How inspiring!

Go ahead, click around, join one or all!  Marriage needs you.  Children need you.  The future needs you.



Euripides said...

The NOM video, removed by YouTube can still be viewed on the NOM website.

Secular Heretic said...

Marriage certainly does need defending at the moment.

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